How Can We Improve Austin’s Transit System?

How Can We Improve Austin’s Transit System?

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We sat down with several local transportation experts & leaders to talk about Austin's transportation past and future.

Action Items

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Get involved with one of the many local organizations that work on transportation policy in Austin.

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Frustrated with Austin’s transportation system? In this Facebook Live video (recorded Sept. 30th), we sat down with a few local experts & activists to talk about how we got the transportation system we have today… and what can be done to make it better for the future.


Guests include:


Topics we discuss include:

  • Vision Zero and the City of Austin’s plans to reduce traffic deaths to zero 

  • The impact of Austin’s transportation system on our environment and climate change 

  • Our city’s bike and sidewalk infrastructure 

  • How you can get involved in shaping Austin’s transportation system

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