How Austinites Helped Their Neighbors Through The Winter Storm

How Austinites Helped Their Neighbors Through The Winter Storm

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February's winter storm left thousands of Austinites without electricity & water. In response, major volunteer operations were set up to help neighbors in need.

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Even though the winter storm is over, many Austinites are still struggling with storm damage and a lack of water. You can find out how to help by visiting

There’s no doubt about it. Austinites have stepped up in big ways to support their neighbors in need during this “snovid” crisis. But how can we be even more resilient to crises in the future? And what is the government doing about it?

With our latest guide, we honor a few of the many amazing Austin organizations that supported our community through the winter storm & share info about some city plans to respond to future crises in a more equitable way.

You can learn more about each of the organizations listed below here:

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