Healthy Streets Program Means More Space For Walking & Biking

Healthy Streets Program Means More Space For Walking & Biking

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The new Healthy Streets program closes certain Austin streets to through traffic, making more space for pedestrians.

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Add this to one of the many ways our world is changing because of COVID-19.

Today, the City of Austin officially launched its Healthy Streets program, designed to give us all more space to walk, run, and ride our bikes by closing certain city streets to through traffic. The idea here is to make it easier for Austinites to exercise safely (and 6 feet apart from each other).

First advocated for by a broad coalition of community advocacy groups (led by Walk Austin), the program was approved by City Council earlier this month.

Now, just a few weeks later, the first round of Healthy Streets are now live. They include:

  • Bouldin Ave. / S 3rd St. / Garden Villa Ln. between Banister Ln. and Barton Springs Rd.

  • Comal St. between Manor Rd. and Lady Bird Lake

  • Country Club Creek Trail extension (Trail, Wickersham Ln., Ventura Dr., Madera Dr.) between Mabel Davis Park and Lakeshore Dr.

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