Explaining The HOME Initiative

Explaining The HOME Initiative

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Austin City Council is voting on the HOME initiative on December 7th.

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On December 7th, Austin City Council will vote on the HOME Initiative, a proposal to allow up to three housing units to be built on single-family lots. The idea is to increase the city’s supply of “missing middle” housing, but like so many debates related to housing and land use, the issue is confusing and complicated.


That’s why we’ve broken down all the basics for ya in our latest guide! 


PS – Looking for a deeper dive? Check out the latest episode of The Austin Common Radio Hour (on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts). We explore this topic in much greater depth in that episode. 

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This quote is from the city’s Q&A report on the proposed land development code changes. You can look through that here

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Additional information for this guide comes from original interviews with Carmen Llanes, Council Member Leslie Pool, and Jake Wegmann. 

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