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All Gender Spring Clothing Swap @ Central District Brewing

May 15, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Basic Info

May 15, 2022
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Who's Hosting This Event?

GOOD group ATX
Who We Are:

GOOD group ATX builds wardrobes that are GOOD for the planet and its’ people through events & education.

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Recycling/Zero-Waste, Local Economy
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On May 15, 2022, GOOD girls ATX is teaming up with Central District Brewing to host a Spring Clothing Swap to refresh our community’s wardrobes and welcome the warm weather with an exclusive beer release.


All are welcome to join, and participants must drop off items the week before the event in order to secure their spot. Scroll for details & instructions!


Why swap your clothes with us?

We all deserve a wardrobe that suits our lifestyle & personality, but neither our planet nor its people should suffer for it. The fashion industry is notoriously exploitative of natural resources and human labor. Furthermore, less than 15% of clothes that are donated ever get re-homed? Most of it gets thrown away due to condition, quality or oversupply. So how can we evolve our personal styles without feeling guilty about it?


Buying & selling at local resale shops or pop-ups is a great option because it gives your less-worn items a better chance at being re-homed & allows you to find new-to-you items while avoiding most of the initial harm caused by garment production. It also supports your local economy! Still, it can take multiple trips & use up a lot of your time to get items sold or find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


Participating in a clothing swap enables you to connect deeper with your community, meet new people & refresh your wardrobe at no cost (financial, environmental or social)!


How the Clothing Swap works:

  • Gather up to 10 warm weather clothing items + accessories in good condition, wash them & place them in a bag. (Please avoid using fresh garbage bags.)
  • Anytime between Sunday 5/8 & Saturday 5/14, bring your items to the Future Front TX headquarters, 916 Springdale Road Trailer #6 within the Canopy Complex. You’ll see a clearly marked bin with instructions on how to confirm your drop off & secure your spot at the swap.
  • On Sunday, 5/15 arrive at Central District Brewing & check in with the GOOD girls ATX team. Swapping begins shortly after 1PM & closes at 3PM.
  • Take what you need, make new friends & tip your bartenders. <3

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of items are you swapping?

We are accepting no more than 10 clean, gently-used warm weather clothing, accessories & shoes of all genders & sizes from each person.  We cannot accept winter coats, heavy sweaters or swimsuits for this swap- please save those for future swaps.


If you have more than 10 items you’d like to swap, contact us & we can help you decide which items to bring & how to re-home the rest.


How do I drop off my items?

Anytime between Sunday 5/8 & Saturday 5/14, bring your clean items in a bag to the Future Front TX headquarters, 916 Springdale Road Trailer #6* within the Canopy Complex. You’ll see a clearly marked bin with instructions on how to confirm your drop off & secure your spot at the swap.


We require clothes be dropped off before the day of the clothing swap so we can maximize event efficiency & impacts though data collection & quality control. If you require special accommodations for dropping off, contact us to create a plan.


*The trailer is catty-corner to Building 4, which is located within the back parking lot behind Sa-Ten in Building 2.


How does a GOOD girls ATX swap work?

We set up the space like a pop-up, organized by item type and operated on a “bring what you can, take what you need” basis. We encourage everyone to arrive at 1PM to allow time to check in, hear some important messages & have the best selection of items to swap.


After the swap has ended, we re-home all of the leftover items & calculate the estimated environmental, social & economic impact of the event. We publish  this along with insights & observations in each clothing swap’s GOOD Report.


Ultimately, you can come whenever! All are welcome, but we ask that only those who have dropped off items prior to the event leave with items.


Where is the swap?

Central District Brewing located at 417 Red River St.

It is very accessible by bike, train & car.

Do I have to be 21+ to participate?

Individuals under 21 can attend the swap without consuming alcohol. f you plan on drinking, please be prepared to show your ID.


Will I be able to try things on?

There are restrooms available, but most people wear clothes that are easy to try things on over or under like leggings + tanks or loose dresses/skirts.


What do you do with the swap leftovers?

We’ve built relationships with local charities, resale shops and upcyclers to make sure everything gets responsibly re-homed. We do end up selling some items & use those funds to support the growth of GOOD girls ATX. We’re currently fundraising to trademark our brand and register as a nonprofit.


If you have ideas on rehoming swap leftovers, please reach out to us.


Still not sure about something? Contact GOOD girls ATX.


Central District Brewing
417 Red River St.
Austin, TX United States
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