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Because… it’s okay if the last really good civics lesson you had was School House Rock… and the only line you can remember is, “Yes, I’m only a bill, up on Capitol Hill.”


Have you ever tried reading an Austin City Council agenda?! They can include hundreds of items, all laid out in the kind of boring, bureaucratic legalese that can make them very difficult to navigate.  With our “ATX Council Meeting, Explained” series, we make getting civically engaged easy by:


We Actually Explain The News


We explain what the agenda items actually mean and how Council’s upcoming decisions will impact your life. We also try and write our stories in ways that everyone can understand, whether you’ve been to thousands of Council meetings, or just one.

We keep it nonpartisan.


Because the world really doesn’t need another talking head, does it? That’s what cable news is for. We’re not here to get in political arguments. We’re here to share the facts.

We keep it local.


Local government is important. It affects everything from the air we breathe, to the parks we play in, to the traffic we all complain about. And yet, many of of us don’t know how to get involved. With this series, our goal is to show you how.

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