Boosting Austin’s Water Supply With Aquifer Storage & Recovery

Boosting Austin’s Water Supply With Aquifer Storage & Recovery

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This post is sponsored by our community partner, Austin Water, our city's publicly-owned water utility.

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Attend an upcoming Aquifer Storage & Recovery Community Workshop - March 24th & 29th at 6pm.

This post is sponsored by Austin Water. All Austin Common sponsors are screened by The Austin Common team to ensure they’re doing good for their employees, our community, and the planet.

Climate change is threatening Texas’ water supply. Scientists have predicted that as time goes on, Austin will likely see longer and deeper periods of drought.


So what is Austin doing about it? Well, back in 2018, City Council approved Water Forward, a plan to guide Austin’s water future for the next 100 years. Included in that plan were lots of recommendations to increase our water supply, lower our water use, and expand water reuse programs. 


Right now, Austin Water is working on several of those recommendations, including two big ones that you have the opportunity to get involved with this month:

In this post, we’re going to focus on Aquifer Storage & Recovery, but stay tuned, because next week we’ll be releasing an explainer all about the irrigation & landscape ordinance. 

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