#4 – Discordant Harmony And New Ecology

#4 – Discordant Harmony And New Ecology

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Nature In The City Podcast Episode 4: Discordant Harmony And New Ecology


This year Dr. Kevin Anderson, a geographer and philosopher managing the Environmental Research Center for the City of Austin, will take us on an exploration of “Nature and the American Mind”, examining a complex story that threads throughout our history, and shapes our beliefs, policies, science, and management practices today.


In this month’s lecture Kevin addresses resilient nature in the talk, “Discordant Harmony And New Ecology”.


Want to catch Kevin’s lectures live? A full list of upcoming dates and locations is available here.


Want to watch the video version of this month’s lecture? Check it out below:



Originally recorded in April 2018 at the University of Texas.


This podcast is brought to you by the City of Austin Development Services Department and produced by the Austin EcoNetwork.


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