You are invited – A short Fall Series of [Permaculture] Talks – Selected Wed. Eve’s. – Habitat Suites

Announcing a short version of the most popular evening
Permaculture Talks – Habitat Suites Hotel – selected
Wed’s., 7:00 – 8:30 PM. Here’s the line-up:

-Wed., October 14 – Bill Mollison Video – The Global
Gardener Permaculture projects around the world

-Wed., Oct. 28 – “Texology” – Getting to Know this Place –
C-TX; Ancient History, Plate Tectonics, no Oil/Gas,
mucho Limestone, unique soil, great rivers/few rains –
Dick Pierce’s fun, informative talk on this incred. place

-Wed., Nov. 4 – “Permaculture & Alternate Finances,
Banking & Commerce – aka “Re-localization”
Dick Pierce

All are welcome – attend yourself, bring/invite friends,
neignbors – young, old, attentive youth, students, etc.
These are fun and informative.

Habitat Suites Hotel – Austin’s Permaculture Hotel – is located at 500 E. Highland Mall Blvd., north of downtown. It’s convenient to I-35, near Airport Blvd., close to Rt 290/2222 north of town.vIt is between the Sailboat Center and Sugars. See you there

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