Elections 101
Elections 101

Did you know there’s an election in May? Austinites will be asked to vote on 8 different ballot propositions, impacting everything from our local homelessness policies to the power of our mayor. In other words, it’s a pretty big deal. 


Unfortunately, these off-year elections don’t tend to get a lot of attention and voter turnout is often extremely low. 


You can help change that.


We know that it can be hard to keep track of what’s in all of these different ballot propositions. That’s why we’re putting together easy-to-read guides (and podcasts!) explaining each of the propositions.  That way, by the time Election Day comes around, you’ll be ready (and excited) to cast an informed vote! 


PS – Thanks to the Hispanic Austin Leadership Program from the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, this year’s elections guides will be available in both English & Spanish. 

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Read all of our Election Guides

Each week until Election Day, we'll be publishing easy-to-read guides on all 8 propositions that will be on your ballot. Perfect for someone who's just starting their election research or doesn't have a lot of time!

Spanish Vote


Cada semana, hasta el día de las elecciones, publicaremos guías fáciles de leer sobre las elecciones locales y del condado, y información sobre cómo votar durante una pandemia. ¡Perfecto para alguien que recién está comenzando su investigación electoral o que no tiene mucho tiempo!


Listen to our podcasts

Our podcast, The Austin Common Radio Hour, is dedicating all of its episodes this fall to prepping you for the election, including interviews with local candidates. Hear directly from the people running to represent you!