Small Steps, Big Change

Small Steps, Big Change

‘Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something’
You don’t have to completely change your life in one weekend to help change the world. But you have to do something. Then you have to do something else. You just have to.

Former President Clinton just received the Harry S Truman Public Service Award. In his talk, he reiterated that ‘by tackling problems through small, grassroots community efforts, Americans could achieve results of global significance.’ There are lots of statistics out there that are huge. They can be overwhelming. They often make me depressed. And there’s so many facets of Sustainability!

But, my fine furry friends, that’s what makes it so easy. Here’s one idea – start with the easiest thing to change and green up. Do it. Do it right now. Then tomorrow change the easiest thing (hopefully it’s slightly harder than the previous day). Repeat and rinse. Are you really recycling? Or do you just have the recycling bin out in your garage? Do you use reusable grocery bags when shopping, or do they just decorate your front closet (go to to get the coolest bags)? It can be hard to create habits. If you stop doing something eco-friendly, that’s ok. Just start again when you can. You’re not a bad person. I think you’re taking one small step just by reading this newsletter. And celebrate when you do something for the environment or something for your health. Even if you don’t succeed, celebrate that you tried. And, occasionally, celebrate for no reason at all. It’s fun to celebrate.

Here’s pretty cool article with tons of tips on going green. I don’t necessarily agree with everything they say, but it’s a big list of small things to do and they break it down into easy chunks in common categories –

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