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Austin Creative Reuse
Our vision is a community that consciously consumes and chooses reuse as a first choice when evaluating the need for personal or project materials.
We collect, distribute, and sell reusable materials donated from industry and individuals. We educate the community about how to reduce, reuse, and create in responsible and fun ways. We make instructional kits, have a library of design and art ideas, and share these online and in our Creative Reuse Center. We unite the community by hosting a range of events, activities, and classes that bring people together to build awareness around conscious consumption, sustainability, and art. We promote awareness of like-minded organizations to reduce overlap and increase awareness of city resources.
Reuse centers are more efficient than recycling, because it requires no industrial processing. Reuse also gives us a tangible and inventive way to engage in a sustainable lifestyle. For the past thirty years, more than 25 creative reuse centers have been thriving in the US. Many of these organizations report diverting 60,000 lbs from landfill each year while also being economically viable organizations. Through tinkering and creative exploration, reuse inspires the engineers, designers, architects, and artists of tomorrow. Reuse centers create affordable and accessible opportunities.
Volunteers donated nearly 10,000 hours of their time to sort donations, help out at events, and of course – move us into our new space! 262,000 pounds of donated materials were diverted from the landfill We had a 97% diversion rate – that means 97% of materials that came into the doors of our center either found new homes through our shoppers, or through our partner organizations. Read more about our impact here.
Climate Change, Recycling/ Zero Waste, Local economy
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Austin Creative Reuse
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