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The Austin EcoNetwork is the hub of Austin’s EcoCommunity and the source for trusted information about Austin and the environment. We connect your organization to thousands of green-minded, influential, and active Austinites.

Currently, our reach is comprised of  the weekly Austin EcoNews (delivered to 7,000+ subscribers), 300+ daily site visitors, 3,000+ facebook and twitter followers, as well as the personal network of Austin EcoNetwork founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, Brandi Clark Burton, who has thousands of connections, in every corner of the city and country.

Your partnership and participation in this well-established online meeting place enhances your relationship with and the growth of Austin’s sustainable community and plugs you into our growing green scene. Your participation in events and discussions, both on and off line, deepens your connections within the network.

We invite you to partner or advertise with us today.

Peruse the partnership and advertising options then call to discuss what options will best help you accomplish your goals. Call  512-850-5895 or email

Get Listed in the Directory or Become a Partner

As a community service, for FREE, we will include any local green company’s name, address & phone number and 100 characters or less about what makes you green in one category in our EcoDirectory.  If you want to include your URL, logo, description, more categories, green affiliations, etc., you must pay for a Basic Directory listing or become a Partner or Partner Plus.

EcoDirectory Listing ($99/year)

Great for local businesses and eco-professionals who want to build their SEO and have a presence in a solid network of people, organizations, and businesses working to enhance Austin’s environment, culture, and economy. A complete listing in the Austin EcoDirectory includes:

  • Complete contact Information, including URL
  • Company logo or image
  • A full description of your business, including what makes you green
  • Links to partner website and social media sites
  • Listing in up to 2 categories in the directory

Be a Partner of Austin EcoNetwork ($24/month)

Together we are expanding the EcoCommunity, growing the green economy, advancing environmental awareness and actions and influencing responsible, sustainability-oriented policies and practices. Partnership [pending approval] includes:

  • Permission to use the Austin EcoNetwork Partner Badge on your website as well as other digital and print media and events, as long as partnership is current.
  • One exposure via Austin EcoNetwork digital media per month, such as:
    • An event or class posted to the EcoCalendar and listed in the EcoNews for the week leading up to the event.
    • A job/internship post  (see below for details)
    • An educational blog post for that will also be featured in one edition of the EcoNews.
    • An EcoBit in the EcoNews to share a promotion, news item, call to action or other item, as approved.
  • Tweet and/or Facebook posts.
  • Listed on Austin EcoNetwork’s Partners page.
  • A complete listing in the Austin EcoDirectory, which includes:
    • Complete contact Information
    • Company logo or image
    • A full description of your business, including what makes you green
    • Links to partner website and social media sites
    • Listing in up to 5 categories in the directory
  • Placement on the Austin Green Map, if appropriate/requested.
  • An Austin EcoNetwork Partner window sticker will also be available upon request.
  • Save 10% when purchasing advertising and additional posting credits.
  • Discounts on memberships with Texas Green Network, GoLocal and other affiliate organizations, as announced.
  • Discounts on booth exhibitions or admission to events negotiated for Partners, as announced.

Additional Benefits for Partner Plus Level ($99/month):

  • Listing in up to 10 categories in the EcoDirectory (instead of 5)
  • “Sticky” Directory listings – Searches on the categories you are listed in will return your listing among the top results, above alphabetical listings.
  • Partner logo/Image rotated in prominent “Our Partners” Ad box on Austin This space is shared only by Partner Plus level members. This ad box appears on every tabbed page on the website and reloads upon each new page view. This alone is a $300 value.
  • Three (3) exposures via Austin EcoNetwork digital media (see above) per month (instead of 1)
  • Listing in the top section of Austin Partners page

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*NEW* FULL-SERVICE Partnerships

In order to support our busy entrepreneur and nonprofit leaders we have introduced new FULL-SERVICE partnership levels. With full service there are three key benefits

  1. We contact you monthly (by phone, email, text, facebook or your favorite mode of communication – whichever you choose) and ask what you have to share and how to best use your monthly allotment of exposures. If we have a conversation we can make a plan together, set reminders, etc.
  2. If you want to post an job or event or even a blog, you can just forward us an email with the  content or point us to the source of the information and we do the work to create the appropriate listing on
  3. You get to make the most of your partnership which not only supports the existence of the hub of Austin’s EcoCommunity, it maximizes your positive exposure to an audience of active and engaged green-minded Austinites.


  • Monthly Full-Service Partner (all the same benefits of Partner level above) is $49/month
  • Monthly Full-Service Partner Plus (all the same benefits of Partner Plus level above) is $198/month. This means that you get content in approximately 3 out of 4 issues of the EcoNews each month and have constant exposure on our website. So, for less than $200/month you essentially get an adjunct marketing department that helps you consistently reach thousands of Austin’s greenest-minded people and ensures your place in the lineup of EcoCommunity resources. Bargain!


Advertise with Us!

We have terrific advertising options. We are the most effective online network in Austin for promoting your environmentally conscious business, product, event, volunteer opportunity, and job/internship to thousands of the people you want to reach. Our advertising options include event posts, job/internship posts, EcoNews display ads, website banner or box ads, and blast packages. Purchase Advertising

Event post  – Get listed in Austin’s most comprehensive calendar of green events!

Non-profit organizations (local & eco-focused) as well as government institutions hosting free & public events are never charged for posting on the EcoCalendar. This is our service to the community.

For fee-based events hosted by non-partner, non-profit organizations (i.e. Fundraisers, classes and workshops), as well as all events hosted by non-partner businesses it costs $32 per post.  Note: When you join as a partner you get certain advertising and posts included in your partnership fee (see above).  Partners needing to submit more than their monthly allotment of posts can purchase one-off additional posts for $29 or 4/$99 for events or jobs.

Event posts include:

  • EcoCalendar listing on Austin with as much description as you want
  • Listing in the Calendar section of the Austin EcoNews during the week leading up to the event
  • Potential Calendar Highlight with a paragraph of text and a 150×100 image in at least one edition of the Austin EcoNews
  • Inclusion in the social media posts of the relevant editions of the EcoNews.

Featured Event/Blog/Newsletter Item – If you have an event or bit of news you want to share with our EcoReaders, then a Featured Blog/Newsletter item $120 (For non-partners price is +10%, or $132). It includes:

  • EcoCalendar listing online and in the week leading up to the event,
  • Blog on website on both blog page and home page (until the event passes or matriculates through rotation,
  • Featured as either a blog or EcoBit in one edition of the Austin EcoNews
  • Possible mention during EcoCalendar segment on Shades of Green Radio show on KOOP Radio 91.7FM. 1pm most Thursdays.  Email Request

Job/Internship post  – The Austin EcoNetwork is the best place in Austin to connect with people who are eager to put their talents for work for socially and environmentally responsible businesses.

Job and internship posts are published on our extremely successful online jobs board. Your post also includes a listing in our weekly EcoNews publication delivered to over 10,000 subscribers and social media followers. The first time it is featured in the EcoNews your job will be called out as a “New Job”, and will include the job title, your company logo (which you must upload under the “organization” tab while posting on the website), as well as a brief summary of the position with a link to the full description on our site. In subsequent editions it will include the title, your company logo, and link to your job posting on our site.

Your Job or Internship posting is either included in your paid partnership benefits (counts as one of your paid monthly exposures) or you will receive an invoice for each job/internship posted. If you log on and post the job it costs $32, and if you would like to forward a link or job description and log and have us post it the fee is $49. Positions will be listed after payment is received. Paid job/internship posts include continuous listing of the position on the jobs section of until the position is filled or for 60 days, whichever is first.

PLEASE notify us when the position is closed. Our intention is that each posting result in one person being hired. It is inappropriate to hire for multiple positions using the same job description or to post a general service for hire.

EcoNews Display Ad – Full color display ad at the top left side of the EcoNews, which goes to 7000+ subscribers each Thursday. Size: 150px wide x 100px high. $80 for partners/ $88 for non-partners, per edition. Email Request

Website Box Ad – Website box ads run underneath our Partner Plus showcase on the right side of the website, on all pages. Size: 150px wide x 100px high. Box ads run for $265/month for 1-2 months, $225/month for 3-5 months, $199/month for 6+ months. Email Request

Website Banner Ad – Banner ads rotate at the top of each page on, which gets 300+ views per day. Size: 750px wide x 100px high. $780 for one month for partners (For non-partners price is +10%, or $858) . Inquire about discounts for 3, 6, and 12-month rates. Email Request

Blast Packages:  The most popular advertising options are our Blast Packages that reach 6,900+ EcoNews readers, 300+/day site visitors, 2,800+ facebook and twitter followers, as well as the personal network of Austin EcoNetwork founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, Brandi Clark Burton, who has thousands of connections in every corner of the city.

*Mini Blast Package* – Best way to alert the community that your event is happening soon or your big news should be on our audience’s radar. Partners pay $220 (For non-partners price is +10%, or $242)

Mini Blast Package includes:

  • Event post (details above)
  • Listed in the Planning Ahead section of the EcoNews up to a month before the event (You must submit it to the EcoCalendar)
  • Included as a featured event in one edition of the EcoNews
  • A blog, expanded EcoBit, or significant Calendar Highlight  one additional editions of the Austin EcoNews
  • One week of newsletter box ad
  • 1 week rotating box ad on
  • Possible mention during EcoCalendar segment on Shades of Green Radio show on KOOP Radio 91.7FM. 1pm most Thursdays
  • Social media promotion of your specific news/event.

*Jumbo Blast Package* – Best way to encourage people to plan ahead for your big event!  Partners pay $812. (For non-partners price is +10%., or $893)

This package can be split into non-consecutive weeks for a $50 fee. Useful for a “save the date” promo and/or recruiting volunteers in advance of the event, and reminding people when your event is near.

Jumbo Blast Package includes:

  • EcoCalendar Event post on (details above)
  • Three weeks of EcoNews display ads
  • Featured event in the Austin EcoNews the week of your event (delivered to over 11,000 email subscribers and social media followers)
  • Featured as either a blog,  EcoBit or significant Calendar Highlight in two additional editions of the Austin EcoNews
  • Three weeks of website leaderboard/banner ad (you provide artwork 750 wide x 100 high with up to 3 images in rotation)
  • Website right side box ad that runs as soon as we receive payment and artwork) through your event (so book early!)
  • Listing in EcoNews “Planning Ahead” section for up to three months
  • Possible mention during EcoCalendar segment on Shades of Green Radio show on KOOP Radio 91.7FM. 1pm most Thursdays
  • Multiple social media promotions of your specific news/event on facebook and twitter

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