Let’s Create A Unique and Impactful Community Resource… Together

Let’s Create A Unique and Impactful Community Resource… Together

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Hello lovely Austin EcoNetwork readers,

For over 16 years, we’ve been this community’s trusted source for local environmental news and we’ve loved every minute of it. But Austin is growing up and we feel like it’s time for us to grow up too, in order to better serve the changing needs of our city.

Which leads us to some very exciting news. Watch the video below to learn more.

After you’re done, please take our survey and help shape the future of the Austin EcoNetwork. (And earn a free $10 gift card toward our new membership program in the process). 

Don’t have time to watch the whole video? You can read a short summary below. (And don’t forget to take the survey here.)

In September, we’ll be launching a rebranded Austin EcoNetwork with a new name (still TBD) and a new tagline – Be Informed. Make A Difference.

We’ll also be embracing a broader and more intersectional definition of sustainability in our coverage – people, planet, and profits – and specializing in speaking to people who are new and working to build their lives, careers, and levels of engagement in Austin. Our goal is to truly meet people where they are, and to give them the skills to grow.

Which is why we’re founded on the belief that – You don’t have to have all your sh*t together to change the world 🙂

The idea here is to create a news site that welcomes people, builds them up, introduces them to community, and fosters a real movement – of people in this city who feel empowered to change the world because they have the tools and the social network to make it happen.

PS – Don’t worry – while our branding is changing, our core values are the same. As always, we’ll still be dedicated to sharing fact-based, well-researched news and ACTIONABLE information with our local community.

PPS – Have you taken the survey yet?

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