Cool House Tour Volunteer Call to Action!

From: Lucy Stolzenburg


*The 13th Austin Cool House Tour*

*June 28, 2009, 10:00am-6:00pm*

*Hello Friends of the Austin EcoNetwork,*

*The 13th annual Austin Cool House Tour is Sunday June 28, from 10:00 AM-
6:00 PM. We have 12 great projects that highlight the best in energy
efficient home design, construction and style, and we need your help.*

*TXSES schedules two volunteers, per 3 hour shift, to sit outside each
project, check for ticket/guidebooks, answer general questions and sometimes
say, “Would you please take those shoes off before going into the house?” *

* *

*Can you volunteer? There will be plenty of time for you to take your own
complimentary ticket/guidebook and visit other projects on the tour. You
will be a part of a TXSES fundraiser that makes it possible for us to spread
the good news of renewable energy and energy efficiency in our great state.*

*There is a nice diversity of projects this year, most in Central and South
Austin and two out Hamilton Pool Rd west of the Village of Bee Cave. There
are historic remodels, new construction in both traditional and modern
styles, big projects, smaller projects, rainwater collection systems, solar
PV, and solar thermal**.*

*Would you like to help?*

* *

*Tell me:*

* *

**Where you live so I can schedule you for a convenient project, or tell me
your general area preference*

**Which shift you prefer*




**Please give me a phone number that’s good the day of the Tour*

*We will give you a choice of times for a short training before the tour so
you’ll have a chance to brush up on the details.*

*The ticket/guidebook is currently in production and will be available for
sale next week online at * *and in both Austin Central Markets
June 1.*

* *

*But we’ll give you one free if you join us!*

*Warm Regards to all,*

*Lucy Stolzenburg and the TXSES staff *

*Texas Solar Energy Society *

* lucy at *

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