Austin Environmental Directory – call for distribution outets, lists

From Paul Robbins, Publisher of the Austin Environmental Directory

Dear Friends and Fellow Environmentalists,

The Austin Environmental Directory is a free sourcebook of environmental issues, products, services, and organizations in Central Texas. The 7th edition of the Directory is a few months away from being published.

For the first time, the publication will be distributed directly via mail or home delivery. I am looking for environmental groups, neighborhood and condo associations, businesses, individuals, and organizations that have lists and routes that will allow this action.

In the past, the Directory was placed at retail locations (e.g., Whole Foods, Wheatsville, Central Market, Half Price Books) that gave them to customers. Or they were distributed through environmental groups and agencies that gave them away at events such as Earth Day. These successful methods of distribution will continue. But extra copies will be printed to allow direct mail to targeted lists, or door-to-door delivery.

For direct mail, I am asking for one-time use of lists, which will be given to a professional mailing company. For door-to-door delivery, I am attempting to find neighborhood groups and condo associations that can assist in the literature drops. It is important that we attempt to get these to people who are likely to keep them.

I am flexible as to how this first direct distribution might be done, as this is the trial run. Please contact me if you have an interest in participating.


Paul Robbins, Editor
(512) 447-8712

You can see the Directory online at

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